Monday 24. February 2020
Guests in Their Own House

The Women of Vatican II

McEnroy refers to this book as a detective project, noting that it started with “one name and a healthy dose of anger.” The name was Mary Luke Tobin, who, at the time of the Second Vatican Council, was mother general of the Sisters of Loretto. McEnroy was studying at Marillac College in St. Louis at that time, boarding with the Sisters of Loretto; she shared their excitement when Tobin was invited to the council as an auditor. The anger was triggered by Alberic Stacpole’s 1986 account of the council, which, following “official” histories, did not report the presence of women and did not include accounts by laity, though it purported to revisit Vatican II with “those who were there.” McEnroy interviewed almost all of the 23 women invited to the council as auditors; those interviews, along with extensive archival research and interviews with other participants–official and unofficial–provide the basis for this important and accessible history.


Carmel Elisabeth McEnroy. Guests in Their Own House: The Women of Vatican II, Verlag Wipf & Stock Publishers.
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